Your library is one of more than 200 HathiTrust member libraries from around the world representing large research libraries, community colleges, liberal arts schools, government agencies, and more. Members share the effort to preserve and provide access to the 18+ million item digital library. The member community invests in HathiTrust’s services and solutions to benefit the many, not only the few, and year after year, collectively resolve to do more together than any single library can do on its own.  

Library members support our long-standing effort to expand lawful access to digitized books, as well as emerging issues such as environmental threats to collections. Member libraries support our work to create an equitable foundation from which all academic and research libraries may grow more resilient in this new era of scholarship and digital access.

All member libraries receive access to collaborative services and programs such as digital preservation, full downloads of public domain titles, and support for collection management on an individual library level and at scale.

HathiTrust member libraries share the costs of preserving digital collection items, as well as operating our services and programs. The cost allocation model is designed to equitably share costs across the membership.

Combining resources of the community with the scale of the digital library collection, HathiTrust offers collaborative solutions for libraries, such as cooperative digital preservation and access for users with print disabilities.

As a co-managed and co-funded collaborative of academic and research libraries, HathiTrust depends on the involvement of its members for operational and strategic support. Some roles offer specialized training for professional development.


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