Rooted in HathiTrust’s mission of preservation, access, and collection stewardship, the HathiTrust Shared Print Program (HTSPP) preserves print and digital collections by linking the two. As the largest monograph shared print program,  HTSPP transforms the way you work to think beyond local ownership to collaborate on managing collections, enhance the quality of our collaborative collection, and tackle major strategic challenges around collection management, in a time of restricted space and funding. Together we aim to build a comprehensive print and digital archive of published literature from around the world and make it accessible through digital access and interlibrary loan.  

Benefits of HathiTrust’s Shared Print Program

Collection Management at Scale

  • Share preservation responsibilities and participate in member driven collection management strategies.
  • Reduce overall costs of collection management through coordination.
  • Benefit from collaboration with other national shared print programs.
  • Build on your existing shared print and resource-sharing arrangements. 
  • Commit new titles to the program that already encompasses 76% of all HathiTrust digital monograph collection and committed to retain for 25 years.

Preservation With Access

  • Maintain book titles in the HathiTrust digital collection that mirror member held-print collections. 
  • Access titles your library may not own, as more than half of retained titles are unique to 1 or 2 HathiTrust libraries.
  • Offer patrons a lendable print collection of 5.6 million individual print titles through ILL or through public domain digital access.


Any member library may join at any time. Additional opportunities to help shape the program are available through member participating in the Shared Print Advisory Committee (SPAC).

How to Join the Shared Print Program

The first phase of the shared print program began in 2016 and the program continues to evolve. We welcome new and current members, whether your library wishes to make its first commitment to the program or is already participating and wishes to get involved in helping to shape future phases of the program. Please contact our Shared Print Program Officer, Heather Weltin ( inquire about participation.

Support and Training

Retention libraries have responsibilities and procedures to follow. This is the place for all the details, including formal agreements, guides to selecting titles, coordinating with OCLC, and learning about the history of the program.

Dozens of member libraries from around the world have committed titles to the program.

Explore the program's early goals and milestones in these in Google Drive resources.

Shared Print Program Updates, Presentations, and Webcasts.