With all the HathiTrust services available to your library and academic community, you may be looking for more information on how best to integrate HathiTrust into your own environment or set up regular data streams to enhance your own library. We also work closely with specific contacts at our member libraries to ingest new content, maintain the collection, connect on shared print plans, or work together on other regular activities.

The resources below are designed to support you and your work with HathiTrust and connect you with the information you need to maximize your membership.

How to Improve Discovery of HathiTrust Items

There are multiple ways to bring HathiTrust items closer to your academic community of users. Learn how to set up automatic login, or embed books and search widgets.

How to Improve Discovery

How to Submit Your Library’s Print Holdings

Member-provided print holdings data inform annual fees, support HathiTrust collection management, determine lawful access to copyrighted materials, and support the HathiTrust Shared Print Program.

How to Submit Print Holdings

How to Use HathiTrust Data Resources

Obtain data from the HathiTrust collection to enhance discovery and research or to assist with collection management decisions in your own library.

How to Use HathiTrust Data Resources

Shared Print Toolkit

For retention libraries, this toolkit compiles everything you need to get started in the program and manage your participation over time.

Shared Print Toolkit

Contributor Toolkit

For content contributors new and existing, find documentation on digitization specifications, preparing a package for ingest, and submitting bibliographic metadata.

Contributor Toolkit 


Contact our member-led user support team for help!