Accessible Text Request Service

Since our earliest days, we’ve made a commitment to your scholars and students with print disabilities to ensure they are able to access the titles they need in a format they can use. Through this service, users who are blind or print disabled can request copies of any title in the HathiTrust Digital Library collection — including copyrighted items — to use with adaptive technologies such as screen readers.

Benefits of the Accessible Text Request Service 

Support Your Users With Print Disabilities

  • Deliver scholarly content formatted for use with adaptive technologies.
  • Offer scholars access to millions of titles on hundreds of subjects common to large research libraries. 
  • Provide rare or older material and content in other languages that are difficult to find in digital formats elsewhere. 

Advance Accessibility Goals on Your Campus

  • Make your library integral to fulfilling your institution’s mission to serve the diverse needs of your academic community.

Minimize Costs of Content Acquisition 

  • ATRS is included in your institution’s annual member fee, so there is no extra charge for this service.
  • Access everything instead of paying for each title individually. With more than 8 million unique titles, the collection offers access to content often unavailable through subscription services.
  • Reduce or eliminate the time your staff spend processing and preparing accessible text requests locally.

Eligibility and Requirements

All member libraries are eligible to participate. Not all HathiTrust members have signed up for this service. This list indicates which universities or libraries have signed up.

A print disability is defined as any disability that prevents an individual from being able to read a print book, which includes vision impairment, cognitive impairments, learning disabilities, physical disability, or other impairment. Identifying individuals who qualify for the service is the responsibility of local libraries and institutions.

How to Request ATRS

Your library must request ATRS and complete the series of steps below to activate the service.

  • Initiate a request for ATRS through HathiTrust User Support at
  • Get started by signing and returning the registration form, which includes details on the Terms of Use and other requirements. This form must be signed both by the designated service provider and by a supervisor at Associate University Librarian or Director level (or above). If you would prefer to sign the form digitally, please contact and we can send the form through SignNow.Registration Form
  • Designate contacts who will be solely responsible for fulfilling patron requests. These individuals must be verified and renewed annually to maintain their status. Member institutions can designate up to three staff with ATRS provider access, either from your library or disability services office (or both).
  • Configure secure access. We will work with you to set up secure access for your designated contact to obtain titles from the digital library. This is typically done through Multi-Factor Authentication or a static IP address.
  • Determine verification process for eligible individuals on your campus, possibly in partnership with the disabilities office.

Requests for copyrighted books by patrons should be made to the staff member who is listed as a contact at your university or library.

Support and Training

For member libraries new to the ATRS service, this guide will walk you through the steps to set-up the service on your campus.

Individuals designated as the contact or service provider for their institution have special access to the collection in order to obtain titles.

Students, staff, faculty, and others affiliated with a member library using ATRS may request titles to use with adaptive technologies.

Watch this introductory video to learn about the benefits of the service for those with print-disabilities in your academic community and how to get started.

We believe in making the titles in the library and other resources available to everyone as permitted by law. Read how we uphold that commitment.

Discover tips and tricks to make it easier for print-disabled users reading texts in HathiTrust's collection.

Questions about ATRS?

Contact our member-led user support team for help!