For Users: How to Request an ATRS Title

If you are blind or have a print disability and are affiliated with a HathiTrust member institution, you can request a copy of any copyrighted book in the HathiTrust collection. Copyrighted books are listed as “limited (search-only)” in the HathiTrust Digital Library Collection.

HathiTrust members have to configure this service, and requests for copyrighted books should be made to the staff member who is listed as a contact at your library. Check the list of member contacts to verify if your university or library has set up this service and to find out who to contact.


A print disability is defined as any disability that prevents you from being able to read a print book, which includes vision impairment, cognitive impairments, learning disabilities, physical disability, or other impairment. Refer to your university’s disability office to determine if you qualify.

Not sure if your university or library is a HathiTrust member? Check the list of HathiTrust members by selecting Log In and searching for your university or library in the list of partner institutions.

Not all HathiTrust members have signed up for this service. This list indicates which universities or libraries have signed up.

How to request a book

Once you’ve confirmed with your university or library disability office that you can take advantage of this service, follow these steps to request a book.

  1. Select “LOG IN.”
  2. In the “Find your partner institution” drop-down menu, search for your university or library and then select Continue.
  3. When prompted, enter the username and password you use to log into services at your university.
  4. Arrive at “Search HathiTrust’s digital library” on the HathiTrust main page.
  5. Enter your search terms in the Search input fields.
  6. Select the “Search” button.
  7. In Search Results, locate the item you wish to access. If the book is listed as “Full View” you can read or download it yourself.
  8. Find “Limited (search-only)” books. By default, only books that are “Full View” are included in your search results. To include “Limited (search-only)” books as well, you need to modify the search filters in the left sidebar under “Filter Your Search” to select the All Items radio button. If using a screen reader, this is described as “Item Availability grouping”, and select the “All Items” radio button to reload your search results.
  9. After finding the book(s) you are interested in, contact the member contact listed below with the link to the book and request that they provide you with a download of the book.

Terms of Use

Files distributed through this service may be protected by United States copyright law, and you must respect copyright protections as described in this section.

  • The coversheet included with the file indicates the copyright status and terms of use. It must remain with the work at all times. Do not separate or delete it.
  • Access is provided through this service because of your disability.
  • The file is for personal use only and may not be shared with anyone else or copied beyond purposes to facilitate personal use.
  • If you suspect unauthorized access to the files or if you have any questions about the proper use of this material, you must contact your institutional contact immediately.

University or Library Contacts

To verify if your university or library has signed up for this service and to find the appropriate staff person to contact at your university or library, please check this table.

This list only contains the list of HathiTrust members who have signed up for the Accessible Text Request Service. If you know that your university or library is a HathiTrust member but they are not listed in this table, that means that they have not signed up for this service. Contact a librarian or the office that handles disability services at your university or library, and ask them to sign up.