The resources on this page are intended to provide quick access to information related to HathiTrust’s Shared Print Program for retention and member libraries. Specific questions about the program or resources on this page may be directed to Program Manager, Heather Weltin (

The HathiTrust Shared Print Program is based on an agreement among the member libraries to maintain the scholarly record over a long period of time. The defining documents were designed to balance two important needs: 1) ensure a strong long-term commitment from the Retention Libraries so all member libraries may rely on the ongoing availability of the retained holdings; and 2) remain flexible enough to accommodate future changes that member libraries may determine to be necessary.

Shared Print Operating Policies and Guidelines

The Agreement is a long-term document containing provisions that are fundamental to the program and are not likely to change. The Agreement makes reference to but does not incorporate the Operating Policies and Guidelines (information above), which are more detailed requirements that may change over time. The Agreement document was developed in conjunction with the University of Michigan Office of General Counsel. The final Agreement and Policies were approved by the HathiTrust Board of Governors in June 2017.

Shared Print Agreement (MOU)


This index of support materials in Google Drive helps retention libraries implement best practices, follow necessary procedures, and find answers to common questions.

For quick answers to questions retention libraries might have, check out the list of FAQs.

Review key findings from the August 2020 HathiTrust Shared Print Program Assessment.

Trace the evolution of the program from 2016 in a range of resources in Google Drive