Resources for Retention Libraries

Resources for HathiTrust Shared Print Retention Libraries

A resources folder in Google Drive has been created to assist Retention Libraries with procedures and questions we are often asked. The folder includes the following:

Policies and Best Practices for Making Commitments

This folder includes outlines for the recommended best best practices for identifying potential commitments, reviewing commitment files, including a decision tree, submitting files, asking for error reports.

    1. Best Practices for Identifying Potential Commitments
    2. Best Practices for Reviewing HathiTrust Shared Print Program Files
    3. Best Practices for Submitting HathiTrust Shared Print Program Files
    4. Decision trees for Reviewing HathiTrust Shared Print Program Files
    5. Options for Error Reporting

How to Update HathiTrust Shared Print Registry Specifications

HathiTrust is excited to announce the new ability for retention libraries to update their existing retention commitment records. The following categories can be updated in the HathiTrust Shared Print Registry:

  • Identifier updates:  Provide updated local identifiers or OCLC numbers for existing commitments. This should be done before any other updates. 
  • Status changes: Identify volumes that are duplicated or committed in error
  • Data updates: Provide new or updated information for optional data fields

Full directions and options regarding the new process are located in the folder.

How to Reallocate HathiTrust Shared Print Program Shared Print Commitments

As a retention library for HathiTrust’s Shared Print Program, member libraries agree to “take all reasonable steps to replace lost, stolen, or seriously-damaged Retained Holdings in a timely manner and to notify HathiTrust if a volume cannot be replaced” (section 2.4). This folder contains a process for reallocating lost or missing commitments.


This folder includes how HathiTrust members can discover shared print commitments in OCLC products once and examples from Member Libraries showing how they have decided to display shared print commitments in their local discovery systems. It includes examples for HathiTrust Shared Print commitments, and other programs, including serials and monograph examples.


This folder includes examples from Member Libraries showing how they have cataloged HathiTrust shared print commitments in their local system along with how to register your commitments in OCLC’s Shared Print registry:

Orientation and Informational Documents for Library Staff

The following documents were created to provide an introduction to HathiTrust’s Shared Print Program and the work involved for the following library staff:

Resource Sharing 

As part of our commitment to develop new and innovative ways to benefit Member Libraries, HathiTrust started to look at quick ways to facilitate the sharing of our shared print materials without disrupting current resource sharing practices across all of our member institutions. At this time, we are happy to announce a HathiTrust Shared Print Group Access Capability (GAC).