There are many ways for you and others from member libraries to be involved in HathiTrust and cultivate the community and collection, from staying connected through our events and publications to serving on a working group or contributing your library’s content. We draw on the expertise and investment of members to support users, set strategic direction, and maintain quality in the collection. We provide an inside experience of the largest digital library used by millions around the world, as well as training opportunities and professional development.

More than 60 members contribute digitized content to the collection. For no additional fee and with no limit, you can preserve your whole collection — or just a handful of titles!

Annual member meetings and community week events center member experiences in relation to HathiTrust’s mission and services.

Gain first-hand experience serving digital library users from around the world as a member of this group, which responds to user inquiries received through our ticketing system.

We rely on you and other members to lead our programmatic, financial, and strategic direction. Our member leaders work together to envision and advance HathiTrust’s mission and vision.

Directly influence the development and delivery of our services, as well as contribute to the common good by exploring solutions to common challenges.

Since 2008, reviewers from more than 50 institutions have supported this large-scale investigation into the copyright status of works in the HathiTrust collection. Learn how to review items and open access to thousands of items for the benefit of all.

Official Member Representatives are called up on to cast votes on behalf of their library for the annual budget, board members, and other occasional issues.