Print Holdings data are required at the time of joining HathiTrust or upon request, in the format described below in the Specifications documentation. Files should contain full print holdings information for your institution (we are not able to accept incremental updates at this time).

For ease of processing, please ensure that your files conform to the specification below, and submit them to us as outlined in the document.

We encourage you to submit holdings if any of the following criteria apply to you:

  • You have not submitted holdings since 2018 or before
  • Your institution migrated to a new ILS after your last submission
  • You’ve done significant catalog cleanup or OCLC reclamation since your last submission
  • You want to prepare for any possible future need for the Emergency Temporary Access Service

For institutions considering membership, we can optionally provide fee estimates using a slightly streamlined version of the data, including only a list of OCLC numbers for all print materials, provided in two plain text files: one for monographs and one for serials.

Print Holdings Specifications – PDF

Print Holdings Specifications – Word Doc

A list of common questions and answers related to submitting your libary's print holdings.

Questions about Print Holdings?

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