The HathiTrust Shared Print Advisory Committee (SPAC) is a standing committee of the HathiTrust membership, charged with making key recommendations to the Shared Print Program Officer and to the Program Steering Committee (PSC) regarding policies and procedures necessary to implement and sustain a HathiTrust Shared Print Program (HTSPP) for the benefit of the membership. The Shared Print Advisory Committee will coordinate as appropriate with other HathiTrust groups as needed.

The Committee is responsible for making recommendations in the following areas, building on the plan proposed by the HathiTrust Print Monograph Archive Planning Task Force and endorsed by the PSC and Board of Governors in June 2015.

  • Develop goals and selection criteria for new retention commitments and use the Task Force recommended plan as a reference to continue to enhance and revise the program.
  • Recommend methods to encourage partner participation and identify standards and criteria for participation if desired (e.g. geographic distribution, facility type, breadth of contribution).
  • Review and advise about use cases, system requirements and preferred approaches and priorities for developing and supporting HTSPP systems, based on technical information developed by others.
  • Review and confirm or suggest modifications to the operating policies, MOU terms, and business model recommended by the Task Force, including retention periods, discovery, access policies, resource sharing, and service models. SPAC will also develop and review other relevant documentation in support of HTSPP.
  • Advise regarding appropriate methods to gather input and commitment from the general partnership. SPAC will review policies periodically and as requested by partners. Final decisions about policies, MOU terms, and the business model will rest with the PSC and/or the HathiTrust Board of Governors.
  • Develop and recommend processes to review retention library data for identifying future retention commitments, opportunities, and propose structures to support data analysis and support operational needs of retention libraries.
  • Review and advise regarding HathiTrust’s engagement with cooperative programs and groups involved in shared print activities.
  • Support the Shared Print Program Officer in facilitating communication and engagement with HathiTrust Shared Print retention libraries and work with HathiTrust’s Member Engagement and Communications Specialist to review and develop communication models related to shared print work.


The Shared Print Advisory Committee shall have eight to ten members drawn from the HathiTrust membership and/or specific individuals that have engaged in shared print initiatives or that maintain significant collections with plans for long-term retention. The committee’s membership may include AULs or department heads for collections or access services, storage facility directors, and shared print program managers.

The SPAC is expected to meet monthly or occasionally more often by conference call or web meeting. A limited number of in-person meetings may be scheduled, usually in conjunction with library conferences or HathiTrust member meetings.

Members are appointed for three-year terms with the possibility of one renewal. Some appointments may be for one or two years in order to stagger terms.

Effective June 2023, members and terms are (* indicates HathiTrust members):

  • Heather Weltin, HathiTrust, Chair
  • Beth Blanton-Kent, Univ. of Virginia, 2022-2026*
  • Trish Chatterley, Univ. of Alberta, 2022-2025*
  • Andy Corrigan, Tulane University Libraries, 2024-2026
  • Misty Hopper, Texas State, 2022-2025*
  • Rachel Fox von Swearingen, Syracuse University, 2021-2026*
  • Aaron Krebeck, Washington Research Library Consortium, 2024-2026
  • Nathan Mealey, PSC Liaison, Wesleyan University (2021-2024)
  • Mary Miller, University of Minnesota, 2021-2024*
  • Ellen Mueller, University of Michigan, 2024-2026*
  • Jesse Silva, University of California – Berkeley, 2021-2025*