The HathiTrust User Support Team: Year in Review

April 19, 2023

Each year, the HathiTrust User Support Team, composed of member librarians from dozens of libraries, answers questions from patrons from around the world to help them use and explore the digital library and other services. The 2021-2022 HathiTrust User Support Annual Report pulls back the curtain on this essential, member-driven team supporting HathiTrust services for you and your community.  Over the past year, the team received 5,461 new requests, supported a major migration of the ticketing system, and welcomed Val Waldron to the lead role. These changes and improvements enhance the level of service we’re able to provide. One recent user wrote, “I cannot thank you enough for your suggestions and the time you took to look into my query.  It is so refreshing to receive such fabulous service and interest in assisting me.” Read more about the team’s accomplishments, member-contributed expertise, and user support service for your communities in the HathiTrust User Support Annual Report.