Collection Administration Access: Terms of Use

Permitted and Non-permitted Uses

Through Collection Administration Access (CAA), staff at HathiTrust member libraries can register their employees for access to copyrighted texts in order to assist in managing the HathiTrust collection and/or their own collections. This access is only provided for the following use cases:

  • Evaluating or improving the quality of digital files or catalog records in the HathiTrust collection
  • Reviewing the copyright status of HathiTrust volumes
  • Developing or maintaining HathiTrust systems, applications, and the repository

To support these activities, users employing CAA will not be subject to “throttling” limits imposed on regular users.

A user with CAA access may perform multiple allowed tasks, so long as HathiTrust is aware of this.  For example, someone may perform copyright review AND support quality review.

Non-permitted Uses

Staff employed by a HathiTrust member library making use of Collection Administration Access are not permitted to use this access for other use cases, such as:

  • Answering patron reference questions using copyrighted HathiTrust books.
  • Reading copyrighted HathiTrust books for their own purposes
  • Downloading or otherwise copying and sharing copyrighted files for personal use.
  • Downloading or otherwise copying and sharing copyrighted files with patrons.
    • NOTE: Eligible users with print disabilities may be provided with copies of copyrighted works under the terms and policies of the Accessible Text Request Service (ATRS), but only by member staff who are registered as providers of ATRS.
  • Downloading and sharing pages from copyrighted works with co-workers who will use them for any non-permitted uses listed above.  However, to meet the permitted use cases above, users with Collection Administration Access may, when absolutely necessary, download and share a few pages of a copyrighted work with co-workers.
  • Providing others with credentials to use Collection Administrator Access to perform any task.

HathiTrust will immediately terminate a registered user’s ability to employ Collection Administration Access if we determine that a disallowed use has occurred or is occurring.


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