Eligibility and Agreements

If you are seeking general information about participation in HathiTrust, please e-mail

If you would like to make an inquiry into partnership, including obtaining a pricing estimate, please complete an application of inquiry and return it to

For individuals desiring access to repository materials, no membership is required. Please see Searching, Reading, and Building Collections for more information. General information on partnership requirements is provided below.

Becoming A Partner

Who is eligible?

Academic and research institutions worldwide. HathiTrust's partnership model is geared towards academic and research libraries with large amounts of digitized book and journal content or substantial print collections. Interested parties are invited to contact us at the email address above.

What are the requirements of partnership?

The primary requirements for partnership are the completion of a partnership agreement (view a draft agreement) and the submission of information about library print holdings (see Print Holdings Information for details, including what is required to receive a partnership fee estimate).

We use the print holdings information both in the calculation of fees and in supporting lawful uses of in-copyright materials in the repository (see Accessibility and Out of Print, Brittle or Missing). We use Shibboleth as the mechanism of authentication for HathiTrust, and partners must be configured to login via Shibboleth in order to receive partner services (including full-PDF download of all public domain materials, access to the HathiTrust collection builder via a local sign-on, and lawful access to in-copyright works). A partner checklist that includes these items, as well as contacts in different areas and other items, is available at

A Creative Commons Declaration Form can be used additionally to grant access to works that are not in the public domain.

Partnership Checklist

View our Partnership Checklist for a complete list of the items and information needed for new partners.

How much does it cost?

Information about costs is available at  

Is it possible for consortia to join?

Yes. See our partnership FAQ page.