Now Open: Nominations for Program Steering and Shared Print Advisory Committees

March 20, 2024

Since early 2023, HathiTrust has been conducting an in-depth Strategic Visioning process based on member participation and final plans are forthcoming. HathiTrust will shortly announce a new Strategic Vision with collection-focused directions and objectives for a 3-5 year horizon. At the core of HathiTrust is a belief that academic libraries benefit by collaborating and sharing resources to address common challenges. We rely on members to contribute to and guide a wide range of strategic endeavors. This spring, HathiTrust seeks nominations to fill positions on the Program Steering Committee and the Shared Print Advisory Committee.


Program Steering Committee (PSC)
Number of Seats: 3
Term Length: July 2024-June 2027

The Program Steering Committee reviews HathiTrust’s development agenda, shaping initiatives and strategies for Board discussion and decision-making, and considering the implications of those initiatives for the future. The Committee may charge working groups to address programs and initiatives, and PSC members may also take part in these working groups as liaisons to assist them in accomplishing their task. PSC will be participating in operationalizing the new Strategic Vision.  

Expected contributions:

  • Attend regular meetings (generally meeting every two weeks on Thursday at 1 pm EST)
  • Abide by and actively support the HathiTrust code of conduct
  • Serve as liaison to one of PSC’s working groups, task forces, or other HathiTrust Advisory Committees
  • Periodically participate in other governance related or appointed groups such as Membership Meeting planning groups or Board of Governors-appointed Task Forces

General Qualifications: Appointees are typically experienced in senior leadership at their member library. Experience with initiatives involving metadata, collections, discovery, information technology, scholarly communication, and/or user experience. Experience that would help advance the Strategic Vision. See the complete PSC selection criteria and overview.


Shared Print Advisory Committee (SPAC)
Number of Seats: 3
Term Length:  3 seats with 3-year terms (June 2024-June 2027) 

General Qualifications: Familiarity with shared print programs and activities to ensure an appropriate level of experience in the issues. Experience with shared print initiatives or maintaining significant collections with plans for long term retention, collection management, preservation and access.


The Shared Print Advisory Committee makes key recommendations to the Shared Print Program Officer and to the Program Steering Committee (PSC) regarding policies and procedures necessary to implement and sustain a HathiTrust Shared Print Program (HTSPP) for the benefit of the membership. 


How to Submit Nominations

Nominations for the Program Steering Committee may be submitted by Library Directors, Member Representatives, Primary Contacts or through self-nominations. Nominations should include the name, title, and institution of the nominee, and a short description (up to 250 words) of their qualifications and interests for the appointment in developing Strategic Directions and Objectives. To minimize confusion, please obtain consent from the nominee prior to submitting a nomination for that individual. Beyond the consideration of these criteria, HathiTrust seeks to make appointments that maximize the diversity of perspectives represented by the PSC. The ability of nominees to contribute a non-dominant cultural perspective is especially valued. 

Please complete the nomination form by Tuesday, April 9, 2024. Send questions to Melissa Stewart (