Shared Print Advisory Committee


The HathiTrust Shared Print Advisory Committee (SPAC) is a standing committee of the HathiTrust partnership, charged with making key recommendations to the Program Steering Committee (PSC) and to the Program Officer for Shared Print Initiatives about policies and procedures necessary to implement and sustain a HathiTrust Shared Print Program (HTSPP) for the benefit of the membership.

The Shared Print Advisory Committee will coordinate as appropriate with other groups, including the Metadata Policy, Strategy, Use and Sharing Advisory Group; the Rights and Access Working Group; and the Collections Committee.

The Committee is asked to make recommendations in the following areas, building on the plan proposed by the HathiTrust Print Monograph Archive Planning Task Force and endorsed by the PSC and Board of Governors in June 2015.

  • Goals and selection criteria for retention commitments. SPAC will review the Task Force recommended plan and advise about a feasible methodology and timetable for identifying holdings to be committed to the HTSPP.
  • Recruitment and qualifications of retention partner libraries. SPAC will recommend methods to encourage partner participation and will identify standards and criteria for participation if desired (e.g. geographic distribution, facility type, breadth of contribution).
  • Data and systems infrastructure. SPAC will review and advise about use cases, system requirements and preferred approaches and priorities for developing and supporting HTSPP systems, based on technical information developed by others.
  • Operating policies, MOU terms, and business model. SPAC will review and confirm or suggest modifications to the operating policies, MOU terms, and business model recommended by the Task Force, including retention periods, discovery, access policies, and service models. SPAC will also advise regarding appropriate methods to gather input and commitment from the general partnership. Once the HTSPP is operational, SPAC will review policies periodically and as requested by partners. Final decisions about policies, MOU terms, and the business model will rest with the PSC and/or the Board.


The Shared Print Advisory Committee shall have eight to ten members representing HathiTrust partners that have engaged in shared print initiatives or that maintain significant collections with plans for long-term retention. The committee’s membership may include AULs or department heads for collections or access services, storage facility directors, and shared print program managers. The Program Officer for Shared Print Initiatives shall serve as non-voting Chair.

The SPAC is expected to meet monthly or occasionally more often by conference call or web meeting. A limited number of in-person meetings may be scheduled, usually in conjunction with library conferences or HathiTrust member meetings..

Members are appointed for two-year terms with the possibility of renewal. Some appointments may be for one year in order to stagger terms. The initial term for the committee will be July 2016 through June 2018. After this initial term, SPAC and the PSC will review the purpose, charge, and membership of the committee.

Effective summer 2018, members are:

  • Heather Weltin (HathiTrust)
  • Dan Heuer (Bucknell University)
  • Daniel Dollar (Yale University)
  • Ken Peterson (Dartmouth College)
  • Matthew Revitt (Maine Shared Collections Strategy)
  • Matthew Sheehy (Brandeis University)
  • Alison Wohlers (California Digital Library)
  • Tom Teper (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • Ben Walker (University of Florida)