Bibliographic Metadata Specifications

HathiTrust requires bibliographic records sufficient to:

  • Identify and collate records that each describe items exemplifying the same manifestation (e.g., show all records for a particular edition of a specific title).
  • Identify and track records to their contributor.
  • Facilitate record updates.
  • Make an initial rights determination about each volume using the Bibliographic Rights Determination documentation.

Records submitted should:

  • be as complete as possible
  • be valid per the MARC21 format
  • in MARCXML format
  • in utf8 encoding
  • include OCLC number
  • each describe a single item using a single 955 field with that item’s description (one bibliographic record per item; multi-volume works should have the same record repeated for each volume)
  • describe the print version of the digitized item

Records missing the following MARC fields or data elements will result in error or warning (see Metadata Submission Guide for a key to error messages):

  • LDR
  • 008
  • OCLC number
  • Local system record number
  • 245$a (or 245$k, when applicable)
  • Item identifier (barcode or other identifier)

The following conditions result in warning alerts and, as they have potentially significant impacts for resource discovery and access, should be addressed whenever possible:

  • 008 values that are not 40 characters
  • missing OCLC numbers
  • multiple 245s

Please supply an explanation when you are unable to address these conditions.

Records should adhere to the following standards (MARC 21 Minimal Level Requirements are bolded)

Standards: Bibliographic Metadata Specifications