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HathiTrust Staff

For general support inquiries related to access, quality problems, deposit of content, website functionality, outages, operations, services, membership, etc., please email feedback@issues.hathitrust.org. This allows us to track inquiries and provide responses more effectively.

Heather ChristensonHeather Christenson, Program Officer for Collections and Federal Documents
Heather has strategic and programmatic responsibility for the development, curation, growth, and understanding of the HathiTrust digital collection. She is responsible for programs that support preservation and access for specific segments of the HathiTrust collection, including the U.S. Federal Documents Program.

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“GrahamGraham Dethmers, Metadata Analyst
Graham manages the flow of bibliographic metadata into and through HathiTrust Digital Library applications and services. He also works with other third-party services to improve seamless discovery of HathiTrust items in member libraries’ catalogs and discovery systems.

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Kristina Eden Hall” title=Kristina Eden Hall, Copyright Review Program Manager
Kristina directs the work of copyright reviewers from a number of library partners across the country in identifying public domain books and making them accessible in HathiTrust.

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“AaronAaron Elkiss, Enterprise Architect
Aaron plans and leads the development of HathiTrust's repository infrastructure, applications, and other technological components to meet the current and future needs of HathiTrust users, members, and staff.

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“NatalieNatalie Fulkerson, Collection Services Librarian
Natalie works with partner libraries to coordinate the deposit of their materials into HathiTrust, and supports other organizational goals including digital preservation, analysis, and process improvement. She also serves on the Digital Object Quality Corrections group, working to improve the quality of the HathiTrust corpus.

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Mike FurloughMike Furlough, Executive Director
As the Chief Executive Officer of HathiTrust, Mike is responsible for its operations and programs, ensuring effective development and execution of infrastructure and services. Working with the Program Steering Committee, he identifies, explores, and recommends strategic directions to the Board and oversees the development of new program initiatives and their realization through the HathiTrust staff. He bears responsibility for communication with and engagement of the membership and represents the organization in relevant national/international contexts. Email Mike

Eleanor KoehlEleanor Koehl, Digital Scholarship Librarian
Eleanor provides training and outreach for the HathiTrust Research Center, including workshops and research support. She focuses on deepening engagement with member librarians and scholars on text mining resources for the HathiTrust corpus.

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Sandra McIntyreSandra McIntyre, Director of Services and Operations
Sandra manages the development and growth of HathiTrust's core portfolio of collection services, including preservation, discovery, access, and user and member support. She supervises HathiTrust staff in those areas and serves as the primary liaison with managers at the University of Michigan, California Digital Library, and HathiTrust Research Center who are responsible for HathiTrust's cyberinfrastructure and web services. She sets priorities for technical and service development and oversees the development of policies, processes, and specifications.

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“JessicaJessica Rohr, Member Engagement and Communications Specialist
Jessica coordinates with representatives of new and potential member institutions to promote and enhance access to HathiTrust services. She also leads HathiTrust’s communications strategy and brand, edits the HathiTrust Update newsletter, manages public relations, and maintains the website.

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Melissa StewartMelissa Stewart, Assistant to the Executive Director
In addition to providing administrative support to the Executive Director and HathiTrust team, Melissa manages the process of on-boarding new member institutions, processing approvals for privileged access for staff and print disabled services, and coordinating communications.

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“HeatherHeather Weltin, Shared Print Program Officer
Heather is responsible for planning and implementing a shared print program among the more than 145 HathiTrust members. The primary goal of this program is to ensure preservation of both print and digital collections by securing retention commitments for print volumes that mirror HathiTrust digital holdings.

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Angelina ZaytsevAngelina Zaytsev, User Services Librarian
Angelina serves as the Chair of HathiTrust User Support, which is the primary feedback mechanism for HathiTrust, and oversees 30+ volunteers from partner libraries as they handle and triage user communications. In addition, she works with HathiTrust developers and staff to improve the HathiTrust Digital Library and internal services, processes and workflows.

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