FAQ for Member Libraries

  • Our research library is closed, and the physical collections are unavailable to our campus due to an emergency. How do we turn on the Emergency Temporary Access Service?
    • The steps to turn on the Emergency Temporary Access Service are described above. Please gather the information required and
      1. Send a message to support@hathitrust.org with “Request for ETAS from [Your Institution]” in the subject line. We will confirm receipt of your request and initiate the review process by email with a subject line that starts with HTS-#####. If you have questions about your particular situation that you would like to discuss with someone from HathiTrust, please email support@hathitrust.org and mention the ETA Service in your message.
    • If your institution makes a request for the Emergency Temporary Access Service, then HathiTrust will review, and if you are qualified, enable the service. Once the service is turned on, authorized users (typically, current students, staff and faculty) from your institution who log in to HathiTrust will be able to access the books available under the service.
  • Who has access to materials under the Emergency Temporary Access Service?
    • Faculty, staff, and students affiliated with a member library are able to access books held by their library for which a digital copy exists in the HathiTrust Digital Library. This digital access will end once access to the physical collection is restored.
  • Which books can users from my institution access?
    • Through the HathiTrust Emergency Access Service, your users have full-view access to items in your library’s physical collection which match a digitized copy in HathiTrust. The information used to identify these materials derives from print holdings data that your library periodically submits to HathiTrust. You do not have ETAS access to items that are not held by your library or that are closed to all users for privacy reasons. In addition, you always have full-view access to books that are in the public domain or are opened through a Creative Commons license.
  • May we update our print holdings data? Do you accept incremental updates for a subset of our collection?
    • We are not able to accept incremental updates. However, we can accept full print holdings files at any time and they are processed once a month. You can find instructions at How to Submit Print Holdings. Once the files have been submitted, please send a separate message to support@hathitrust.org notifying us that your files have been sent. Please note that it typically takes about two weeks from the start of each month for the full update to occur and the items to be made accessible through the Service.
  • I don’t understand the print holdings overlap reports that I got when we began using ETAS. What do they mean and how can I use them?
    • The overlap reports are available to members via a Dropbox link that you would have received when you first signed up for the service. The overlap reports indicate which items included in your most recent print holdings submission would be available through the service. You can learn more about how to read them on the ETAS Overlap Reports web page.
  • How can I make items available through the Emergency Temporary Access Service discoverable for my patrons?
    • The simplest, and most basic thing you can do is alert your users to visit HathiTrust at https://www.hathitrust.org and log in.
    • Follow these instructions on three different methods to integrate ETAS records into your catalog How to Integrate ETAS Records into Your Catalog. HathiTrust encourages member libraries using the Emergency Temporary Access Service to make items discoverable in your local catalog via integrating tab-delimited files (Hathifiles), using our Bibliographic API process, or through discovery vendors. HathiTrust is engaged in discussions with vendors to improve discoverability.
  • My library is currently closed due to an emergency. May I join HathiTrust?
    • HathiTrust membership is available only to research libraries. If you represent a library that meets this criterion and would like to initiate an inquiry into membership, please contact support@hathitrust.org. Please be aware that setting up membership can take more than a few weeks; it may not be a timely resolution for your library’s closure at this time. See the main ETAS service page for more information on eligibility and requirements.
  • Can I use the service to fulfill interlibrary loan requests?
    • If you are a library staff member seeking to connect faculty, staff or students from your institution with a book from your collection, you can direct them to the Emergency Temporary Access service description with instructions on how to login to HathiTrust. Books accessed via Temporary Access cannot be downloaded and redistributed.
  • Can libraries accessing ETAS share scans from their own print books that are also present in HathiTrust, for ILL or local document delivery?

    • Libraries who have ETAS activated are not able to lend the physical volume, or use downloads of the digital volume in HathiTrust to provide document delivery, course reserves, or fill interlibrary loan requests. Libraries may use the physical volume for making independent scans for document delivery, independent scans for interlibrary loan, or independent scans for course reserves following their usual policies in accordance with applicable provisions of copyright law. The key distinction is that while ETAS is activated, the print book cannot be used in full and the HathiTrust digital volumes or pages of volumes cannot be downloaded or used for additional services.