The "Hathifiles" are tab-delimited text files that contain a small number of bibliographic elements (see Hathifiles Description). The files can aid institutions in loading bibliographic data for volumes in HathiTrust and linking to the volumes from local catalog systems, or help users identify volumes to include when creating personal collections of volumes or requesting datasets for research. An aggregate file listing all of the holdings in HathiTrust is posted on the first of each month. Files posted on subsequent days contain a list of the volumes that were added to HathiTrust on that day, or where the volume or bibliographic data was updated.

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hathi_upd_20150607.txt.gz43 bytes
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hathi_upd_20150612.txt.gz43 bytes
hathi_upd_20150613.txt.gz43 bytes
hathi_upd_20150614.txt.gz43 bytes
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hathi_upd_20150622.txt.gz338 bytes
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ucal_barcodes_dollarified_201403.txt.gz686.82 KB