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This page contains resources that partners can use to help disseminate information about HathiTrust to their constituents. The resources are of broader interest to non-partners wishing to learn about HathiTrust and HathiTrust services as well. See also HathiTrust's News and Publications page, which includes recent papers and publications, press releases and announcements, links to mentions of HathiTrust around the Web, and HathiTrust's monthly newsletter.

Resources created by HathiTrust Working Groups

User guides developed by the HathiTrust Communications Working Group:

Partner resources

Resources developed by partner institutions for users on their campuses. If you have resources or guides posted that are not listed here, please let us know! Email support@hathitrust.org.

Baylor University

Columbia University

Cornell University

Florida State University

LaSalle University

Syracuse University

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

University of California, Berkeley

University of California Irvine, Mitchell Brown

University of California Santa Barbara

University of Chicago

University of Connecticut

University of Illinois, Chicago

University of Michigan

University of Nebraska, Omaha

University of Oklahoma

University of Utah

Virginia Tech

Utah State University

Vanderbilt University

Washington University in St. Louis

Yale University

Others resources that may be of interest

Chronicle of Higher Education