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Digital Collection Strategy Working Group

Development and stewardship of the HathiTrust collection is part of the core mission HathiTrust’s collaborative agenda since its inception. In 2019, the Program Steering Committee charged the Digital Collection Strategy Working Group to advance the strategic work of the Program Steering Committee and HathiTrust’s operations around the digital collection.

This member-driven group will emphasize the importance of ongoing strategic focus on collection development as outlined in HathiTrust's 2019-2023 Strategic Directions. The plan states the need to “include many voices and perspectives in our collections” and enhance its quality, deepening the library “by a targeted, intentional strategy for new and retrospective publications” and by developing “new analytic capacities” for, among other uses, collection development. 

Chair: Wade Wyckoff, McMaster University

Charge: Digital Collection Strategy Working Group (September 5, 2019)


Miranda Bennett, University of South Carolina (2020-2021)
Heather Christenson, HathiTrust
Joanna Di Pasquale, Union College (2020-2021)
Eugene Flanagan, Library of Congress (2020)
Natalie Fulkerson, HathiTrust
Casey Hoeve, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2020)
Salwa Ismail, University of California, Berkeley (2020-2022)
Amanda Moreno, University of Miami (2020)
Fred Roscoe, Georgia Tech (2020-2022)
Kathryn Stine, California Digital Library (2020-2021)
Wade Wyckoff, McMaster University, Chair


This group was preceded by the Collections Committee.