Videos from the 2022 Member Meeting
Mike Furlough’s 2022 HathiTrust Executive Director Annual Report
Member Meeting Part 1: A Conversation on HathiTrust’s Directions with Mike and Virginia Steele (UCLA)
Member Meeting Part 2: Board of Governors Panel

The breakout room sessions were not recorded.

2022 Member Meeting: Constructing Shared Culture: Building Vision, Values, and Strategies for the Future

In 2019, HathiTrust initiated a 5-year strategic plan based on insights and direction from the 127 members of the organization at that time. The pandemic slowed, but did not derail action on our intentions. If anything, the abrupt shifts caused by the pandemic accelerated demand for digital access in information sharing and knowledge curation that we had already committed to. As we reflect back and look ahead to our emerging strategy beyond 2022, we consider how to grow and respond to emerging needs in teaching, learning, research, and stewardship of the cultural record.

Under direction of the HathiTrust 2022 Member Meeting Planning Group, the meeting will operate under a different structure this year to take advantage of the timing in HathiTrust’s strategic development and to center member voices in the meeting. Notably, in breakout sessions facilitated by Program Steering Committee and board members, member attendees will contribute to a conversation on strategy related to one of three topics: Access/Resource Sharing: Collections: and Metadata & Discovery.

Who Should Attend? 

The meeting is open to anyone affiliated with a member library. We encourage attendance from the HathiTrust member representative, library director, or dean. We invite all members to pass along the meeting and registration information to their teams and colleagues. There is no maximum number of attendees from one institution for the main member meeting. Attendance in the breakout rooms is capped for maximum participation. Attendees will register for both the meeting and one of the breakout sessions (pending availability).

Member Meeting Date and Time: Thursday, October 27, 2022
12:00 PM EDT/9:00 AM PDT – 3:00 PM EDT/ 12:00 PM PDT

2022 Member Meeting Agenda

12:00 PM Welcome & Introductions

12:05 PM Reflections on Pre-Recorded Executive Director Report to Members.
Mike Furlough, Executive Director, HathiTrust and Virginia Steel, University of California, Los Angeles & Past Chair, HathiTrust Board of Governors

12:50 PM Break

1:00 PM Board of Governors Panel

1:45 PM Break

2:00 PM Breakout Sessions: Access/Resource Sharing: Collections: Metadata/Discovery

2:45 PM Wrap-up with Mike Furlough

3:00 PM Adjourn

Breakout Room Sessions

Breakout sessions focus on aspects of the 2019-2023 Strategic Directions and are hosted by members of the member meeting planning group and Program Steering Committee.

Metadata & Discovery: Discovery and findability within the HathiTrust collection of 17+ million items depends upon full-text search of OCR and catalog records contributed by over 60 libraries. Our examination of possible future metadata strategies and discovery processes highlight HathiTrust’s unique role within the library ecosystem. What opportunities can we seize to improve discovery for users, and how should our members contribute to that effort?

Collections: HathiTrust’s collection ensures durable long-term digital access to large parts of the historical print record, supporting individual researchers as well as collaborative programmatic work such as our Shared Print program and our US Federal Documents program.  But it only begins to capture the full record of scholarship. Our Digital Collection Principles now recognize and articulate needs and opportunities for stewarding the collection into the future.  How might HathiTrust best pursue this stewardship work, and how should we position this collection in the universe of information resources available to libraries and their users?

Access & Resource Sharing:  HathiTrust is committed to responsibly providing the broadest possible access to its collection.  Public domain materials are free to read by all;  eligible print disabled users have access to the entirety of the collection; ETAS ensures continuity of access to users when the next disaster strikes.  As user needs and expectations shift, we have the responsibility to reexamine access. What modalities do researchers and students need today, and what delivery or fulfillment pathways may be available?

Access & Resource Sharing — 2 rooms (approx. 20 attendees per room)

Rice Majors, University of California, Davis
Nathan Mealey, Wesleyan University

Collections —   4 rooms (approx. 20 attendees per room)

Mihoko Hosoi, Penn State University
Nerea Llamas, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Daniel Dollar, Yale University
Kari Weaver, University of Waterloo

Metadata & Discovery —  3 rooms (approx. 20 attendees per room)

Alison Hitchens, University of Waterloo
Denise Pan, University of Washington
Joseph Hafner, McGill University

2022 Member Meeting Planning Committee
Graham Dethmers (HathiTrust)
Mike Furlough (HathiTrust)
Joseph Hafner (McGill University)
Jessica Rohr (HathiTrust)
Virginia Steele (UCLA)
Melissa Stewart (HathiTrust)
Kari Weaver (University of Waterloo)