HathiTrust relies on member-contributed bibliographic metadata as a key part of HathiTrust’s management of content ingest, collection management and preservation, collection analytic capacity, and user discovery and access. It further supports the activities of the HathiTrust Research Center.  Bibliographic metadata contributed by members exists within a larger community metadata context and, as the collection grows in scale, value, and impact for users. In 2019, the Program Steering Committee charged the Community Metadata Strategy Task Force to develop a contemporary strategy for managing member-contributed metadata in light of the broader community metadata ecosystem.

The Task Force will build on earlier work done by HathiTrust Metadata Policy, Strategy, Use and Sharing Advisory Group (MUSAG) and synergize ongoing work with the Metadata Sharing Policy Task Force that addressed sharing policies for bibliographic metadata (among other metadata types) in more detail.

Chair: MJ Han, University of Illinois


Sheila Torres Blank, Texas State University
Benjamin Bradley, University of Maryland
Barbara Cormack, HathiTrust staff, California Digital Library
Graham Dethmers, HathiTrust
MJ Han, University of Illinois, Chair
Nancy Lin, New York University
Chris Long, University of Colorado Boulder
Elizabeth Miraglia, University of California, San Diego
Andrea Payant, Utah State University
Michelle Paolillo, Cornell University
Tim Prettyman, HathiTrust staff, University of Michigan

Charge: Community Metadata Strategy Task Force

Final Report: Community Metadata Strategy Task Force