Metadata sharing reflects core values and priorities of the HathiTrust members and collaborative enterprise. Sharing the rich metadata created and collected by HathiTrust enables institutions and researchers to access metadata they need to further research projects.  To advance this value, the Metadata Sharing and Use Policy was approved by the HathiTrust Board of Governors in June 2019. It provides a broad framework and statement of principles.

The Program Steering Committee seeks to develop aligned policies for the many types of metadata HathiTrust uses and stewards, and charged the Metadata Sharing Policy Task Force to continue the work of creating a set of sharing policies to address each type of HathiTrust metadata listed in Section F of the charge. This reflects the strategic priorities for data and technology in HathiTrust’s 2019-2023 Strategic Directions.

Chair: Stephen Hearn, University of Minnesota


Greg Cram, New York Public Library
Graham Dethmers, HathiTrust
Ana Enriquez, Pennsylvania State University, Co-Chair
Erin Grant, University of Washington
Kristina Hall, HathiTrust
Stephen Hearn, University of Minnesota, Co-Chair
Xiaoli Li, University of California, Davis
Youn Noh, Yale University

Charge: Metadata Sharing Policy Task Force