We are indebted to the work of past working groups that helped shape our organization today. From the early days of HathiTrust, our members have contributed their expertise to advance our mission and help serve members and users.

  • Community Metadata Strategy Task Force (November 2019 – June 2021):
    Developed strategy for member-contributed metadata in light of the broader community metadata ecosystem.
  • Digital Collection Strategy Working Group (September 2019-June 2022):
    Advanced the strategic work of the Program Steering Committee and HathiTrust’s operations around the digital collection. Preceded by the earlier Collections Committee. The HathiTrust Digital Collection Principles stemmed from their work.
  • Metadata Sharing Policy Task Force (August 2019-August 2021):
    Continued the work of the Metadata Policy, Strategy, Use and Sharing Advisory Group (MUSAG) on developing the HathiTrust Policy on Metadata Sharing and Use, which was approved by the HathiTrust Board of Governors in June 2019, to create a sharing policy to address each type of HathiTrust metadata.
  • User Engagement Task Force (October 2019-August 2021):
    Considered ways that HathiTrust can better understand user needs; considers issues related to users’ engagement with HathiTrust collections and services; and makes recommendations to improve HathiTrust support for member libraries in engaging users.