HathiTrust’s 2019-2023 Strategic Directions includes a more intentional focus on and investment in User Engagement. It includes the objective to “Strengthen and support our member libraries’ efforts to engage users of HathiTrust” within its strategic theme of Empower. The Strategic Directions also includes an objective to “Invest in understanding the needs of users and members of HathiTrust” within the Enhance theme.

In response, the Program Steering Committee (PSC) charged the User Engagement Task Force to consider ways that HathiTrust can better understand user needs; consider issues related to users’ engagement with HathiTrust collections and services; and make recommendations to improve HathiTrust support for member libraries in engaging users.

Chair: Christopher Cox, Clemson University


Christopher Cox, Clemson University, Chair
Renata Ewing, California Digital Library
Peter Fernandez, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Megan Macken, Oklahoma State University
Ashley Maynor, New York University
Jessica Rohr, HathiTrust
Lynne Serviss, McMaster University
Angelina Zaytsev, HathiTrust

Charge: User Engagement Task Force

Final Report: User Engagement Task Force