Shared Print Program

HathiTrust member libraries have proposed retention commitments totaling more than 16 million monograph volumes to be retained for 25 years under the HathiTrust Shared Print Program. These volumes correspond to more than 4.8 million individual book titles held in the HathiTrust Digital Library (about 65% of all HathiTrust digital monographs), which is a significant step toward a primary goal of the program: to steward  print copies of all HathiTrust digital holdings. See our Shared Print report (June 2017) with preliminary statistics.


The primary goals of the HathiTrust Shared Print Program are to ensure preservation of print and digital collections by linking the two, to reduce overall costs of collection management for HathiTrust members, and to catalyze national/continental collective management of collections. Key attributes of the program are:

  • Secure retention commitments for print holdings that mirror book titles in the HathiTrust digital collection
  • Maintain a lendable print collection distributed among HathiTrust member collections
  • Reflect support by and provide benefits to all HathiTrust members
  • Build on existing shared print and resource-sharing arrangements and avoid disturbing members’ other affiliations.

The program will be implemented in two phases. In Phase 1 (2016-2017), HathiTrust and member libraries built momentum through a “quick launch” effort that focused on finalizing policies and the MOU and identified an initial set of retention libraries and commitments. In Phase 2 (2018 and after), we will build infrastructure by adopting tools to support further collection analysis and resource-sharing and will define future priorities and services to coordinate print retention and digitization. 

Status of Phase 1

MOU and Policies Timetable

  • HathiTrust Board of Governors approved the MOU and Operating Policies in June 2017
  • Retention Libraries were asked to sign the Agreement (MOU) by September 30, 2017

 Retention Commitments Timetable

  • Phase 1 retention commitments are complete!
  • 49 Retention Libraries
  • More than 16 million monograph volumes retained
  • More than 4.8 million individual book titles represented
  • Commitment decisions are confirmed upon signing the MOU


Shared Print Program Documents


Implementation planning

Original planning documents:

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