Working Groups and Committees

HathiTrust employs a number of committees and working groups, some of which are standing and have long-term appointments, while others may be devoted to finite tasks with a specific timeline. In general, working groups are established either by the Executive Director, or the Program Steering Committee. View past working groups and committees.

Executive Director/Executive Committee

  • User Experience Advisory Group (July 2010): Works with other HathiTrust operational initiatives to guide usability and design efforts in a way that is intended to ensure consistency (where appropriate) and awareness of previous or parallel work. View charge and membership.
  • Communications Working Group (May 2010): A standing working group assigned with responsibility for shaping the HathiTrust message. Responsibilities range from the specific (e.g., press releases) to the broad (e.g., helping to convey information on content and quality to scholarly audiences). View charge and membership.
  • User Support Working Group (March 2011): Responds to inquiries of all kinds received through HathiTrust's public email address and user interfaces. View charge and membership.
  • Zephir Advisory Group: The Zephir Advisory Group is charged with recommending policies and procedures relevant to metadata management and recommending the implementation of new features and service enhancements. View charge.

Program Steering Committee 

  • Government Documents Initiative Planning and Advisory Group (March 2014): Formed to initiate and advise HathiTrust's efforts to expand and enhance access to U.S. federal government documents.  View charge and membership.
  • Collections Committee (July 2016): A standing committee responsible for collection development activities and policies, and charged with making key recommendations about the content included in HathiTrust. 
  • Shared Print Advisory Committee (July 2016): Recommends policies and procedures to establish and sustain the HathiTrust Shared Print Program. (Also see the earlier HathiTrust Print Monographs Archive Planning Task Force)
  • Rights and Access Working Group: Promotes HathiTrust's ability to provide the widest possible access to its collections within the law by establishing priorities for rights determinations and strategies for engagement with rights holders. View charge and membership.
  • Metadata Policy, Strategy, Use and Sharing Advisory Group: MUSAG is charged with reviewing managed metadata, formatting relevant policy and strategic directions to benefit the members.  View charge and membership.